A Complete Guide to Rich Snippets là gì in Google Search Results

What are Rich Snippets and how would you enhance them? Figure out how to upgrade your perceivability in Google Search with Rich Snippets. rich snippets là gì.

Quite a long time ago, Google Search was about those greatly straightforward, simple-to-enhance for 10 blue connections.

Then, at that point came a pristine UI.

Google has developed to address increasingly more extraordinary list item types and show intended to more readily address searcher needs — rich bits. rich snippets là gì.

A Complete Guide to Rich Snippets là gì

It’s not, at this point enough to rank for 10 blue connections.

So what precisely are rich bits, for what reason would they say they are significant in SEO, and how might you improve for them? In this guide, you’ll find out about the various kinds of rich Snippets and how to utilize organized information to assist Google with understanding when your page might be the most ideal alternative for a rich bit. rich snippets là gì.

We should begin!

What Are Rich Snippets là gì?

Rich Snippets are Google Search results improved with extra information or usefulness. These rich outcomes add visual premium, more data, and more noteworthy utility for searchers. rich snippets là gì.

Utilizing your SEO system to target rich bits can help increment your general natural CTR (navigate rates).

Do Rich Snippets Help SEO?

While it’s by and large acknowledged that following rich Snippets by utilizing the right organized information markup will improve a few parts of your SEO, Google’s John Mueller has referenced that it’s anything but an immediate positioning component:

“Concerning utilizing organized information overall for positioning, I imagine that is somewhat precarious.

In this way, from one viewpoint, we improve comprehend the elements on a page and discover where that page is more significant.

… But it doesn’t imply that we would show it to more clients or that it would rank better.”

As Roger Montti clarifies in that post, “It’s imperative to take note of that while organized information doesn’t right now exist as a positioning variable, it imparts on-page content components like the substances that are the subject of the page.”

Likewise, Martin Splitt as of late clarified that since they don’t utilize organized information presently doesn’t imply that they will not utilize it later on. rich snippets là gì.

The Different Types of Rich Snippets

While there is an extraordinary assortment of rich Snippets accessible to upgrade for, a large number of them apply to specific sorts of sites. rich snippets là gì.

We will analyze the absolute most regular sorts of rich bits, then, at that point, we’ll see how to improve for them.

  • Item Markup.
  • Music.
  • Surveys.
  • Occasions.
  • Plans.

Item Markup

Markup appears for explicit items – and it incorporates traits like value, accessibility, and audit appraisals.

Screenshot of product markup
credit: searchenginejournal.com


This markup shows the data on music, like collections, their delivery dates, and substantially more.

Screenshot of music markup showing up in the Google search results.
credit: searchenginejournal.com


The audit markup will show the star evaluations under a bit in the query items. You can have up to a 5 out of 5 rating, where 5 is the most elevated, and 1 is the least. rich snippets là gì.

Screenshot of reviews markup showing up in the Google SERPs.
credit: searchenginejournal.com


Occasions markup is important to furnish data on explicit occasions alongside their area, the hour of the occasion, their dates, and more relying upon what you need to show about that occasion.

Screenshot of events markup
credit: searchenginejournal.com


At the point when you use formula markup, this permits you to remember the organized information for your formula site. Also, this just applies to plans. rich snippets là gì.

Screenshot of recipes markup being generated in the SERPs.
credit: searchenginejournal.com

Rich Snippets versus Rich Results versus Featured Snippets

Some utilize the expressions “rich outcomes” and “rich bits” conversely. Notwithstanding, rich Snippets are only one kind of rich outcome.

You can investigate the entirety of the different sorts of rich outcomes in Google’s Search Gallery.

Rich outcomes types like Product, Podcast, Software App (presently in beta), and Sitelinks add more data as well as usefulness to a current inquiry Snippets (result). rich snippets là gì.

Different kinds of rich outcomes add a completely new component to the SERP, similar to the case with Recipe or Movie merry go rounds, Job Posting boxes, How To merry go rounds, and that’s just the beginning.

Look at this article on included Snippets for a profound plunge into all accessible kinds of highlighted Snippets in Google Search. rich snippets là gì.

On account of this huge variety of highlighted bits and how they differ by industry, you may think that it’s difficult to utilize that as a component of your enhancement procedure.

How Do Rich Snippets Work?

Organized information is a kind of coding that features explicit sorts of information on your page, making it simpler for Google to comprehend the setting of that information. rich snippets là gì.

Say, for instance, you were to make an as often as possible posed inquiries (FAQ) page that rotates around learning piano adequately.

You would utilize the Schema.org FAQpage organized information type to do as such.

Organized information permits Google to completely comprehend and show genuine information. It adds setting and shows ascribes that Google loves. rich snippets là gì.

This permits you to adopt a more proactive strategy and guarantee that you are giving Google that information that you control, instead of sitting tight for the AI’s comprehension of what it thinks you need.

Since it is anything but an immediate positioning element, be that as it may, organized information markup won’t consequently impel your site to the highest point of the SERPs.

It will help the page win more snaps since this improves, more valuable data being shown to Google clients on the SERP. rich snippets là gì.

For nearby SEO, you can hope to see some critical advantages from utilizing organized information markup. Online business fields or anybody with explicit items can profit by utilizing organized information as such.

How Do You Optimize for a Rich Snippet?

To start with, you need to assemble your organized information markup. Then, at that point, you need to test it.

At long last, you can deliver your information to the wild as the last organization. rich snippets là gì.

Building Your Data

Upgrading for the pined for rich Snippets incorporates a few accepted procedures, the first uses Schema.org organized information. rich snippets là gì.

Organized information permits you to improve for your piece so that incorporates the entirety of the fundamental data that that bit needs, because of the information type that is now in the Schema.org jargon.

What is the Schema.org jargon?

Most importantly, the jargon incorporates a total word reference of information types. These information types are all predefined, contingent upon your subject and industry. rich snippets là gì.

There is even lawyer Schema.org organized information accessible in the jargon on the off chance that you were so disposed.

Google upholds Schema.org organized information, which is planned to singular substances dependent on what Google as of now has in its data set. By utilizing Schema.org organized information, you advance for these substances.

All significant web crawlers support them, so you don’t need to stress over fitting Schema.org to certain web indexes.

Performing an investigation into Schema.org will help you track down the right information type match for the elements and themes you are upgrading for.

When you have the right information type, you should simply code the markup.

You can utilize either standard HTML organized information, or JSON-LD organized information.

Google’s web engineer documentation has more data you can use to distinguish what you need to do contingent upon your advancement focuses.

Test Your Data

Then, it’s imperative to test your information with Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool. This has supplanted the censured Structured Data Testing Tool.

The testing interaction is by and large lovely straightforward:

  • Stage 1: Copy your code.
  • Stage 2: Paste your code or URL into the right fields.
  • Stage 3: Click on Test Code.

Make certain to go through and fix any blunders uncovered by the device.

Send Your Data

After you have finished your tests and you find that everything functions admirably, you can convey the new information appropriately.

Estimating Rich Snippets Performance

There are a few manners by which you can quantify the presence of your rich Snippets.

One is employing Semrush, which strolls you through the interaction bit by bit.

The other is through Ahrefs, who offer a guide that shows you how you can utilize the SERP highlights channel to follow explicit execution gains (and misfortunes) for specific kinds of SERP Snippets. rich snippets là gì.

You can likewise carry out label following through Google Tag Manager. GTM labels can be utilized to check pages with explicit organized information, and you can utilize the experiences gathered from these reports to find how you’re really performing utilizing your own estimating devices.

Obviously, Rich Snippets are a Great Way to Improve Your Online Visibility

A few ventures may not loan themselves well to particular sorts of advertising in this medium, so it’s imperative to do an exhaustive investigation of your industry that distinguishes openings where there are rich Snippets to be accomplished. rich snippets là gì.

By recognizing your methodology from the beginning and chipping away at executing your information accurately, it’s feasible to build your online perceivability through rich bits as an extra competitive edge.

All things considered, the best methodology is a technique that handles various fronts, instead of zeroing in on single outcomes. rich snippets là gì.